Terms and Conditions


Our Business Terms and Conditions are drafted in accordance with and intended to be interpreted

by the governing Civil and Business laws of the Czech Republic.



  • BONUS only accept written orders in the form of a letter or email.
  • Every order must precisely specify the the column letter, row number and exact count of the desired pieces.
  • The order must also include full and accurate information about the Buyer – including the Buyer’s full name, mailing address, phone number, bank account info and email.
  • By sending the order, the Buyer agrees to Company BONUS’s Terms and Conditions, including Payment and Delivery terms, Return and Exchange Policy, and Privacy Policy.
  • The Buyer cannot change their order once it is placed.
  • The order becomes effective upon written confirmation provided by supplier (Company BONUS). Confirmation of the order is sent by Supplier to the Buyer within two (2) business days or receipt of the order.
  • Buyer can cancel the order only if the request to cancel is in writing and a written confirmation is provided by Supplier.
  • Since Company BONUS is a wholesale company, we do not accept orders below five thousand Czech crowns (5,000 CZK), which does not include VAT, Tax, or Shipping and Handling costs.
  • There is minimum of 10 pieces per item. Variations on a particular item (e.g. color, design, and size) from those that are shown on the Pages of Catalog are permitted.


Wholesale  prices

  • Prices are shown in EX WORKS. Company BONUS reserves the right to invoice the prices that are valid at the time of the order.
  • Buyers from the Czech Republic and EU countries will be charged the appropriate VAT amount valid at the time of the order (currently 21%).
  • Buyers from EU countries can omit VAT if they send a copy of the registration certificate together with the order.
  • Buyers from non-EU countries will not be charged VAT.
  • Company BONUS reserves the right to charge additional fees (e.g. customs fees, shipping insurance), if required by the customs office of the Czech Republic or, as the case may be, of the office of the buyer’s country.


payment terms

  • Payment must be made in full and deposited into Company BONUS’s account before the order is sent to the Buyer.
  • Payment will be made by transferring funds to Supplier’s account in accordance with the instructions in the Order Confirmation. Making a payment is understood to mead crediting the Supplier's account with the appropriate amount. The SHA charging code is used for bank transfers.
  • If payment is not made within a reasonable time, the order will be canceled.



 The ordered goods will be delivered in the appropriate packaging to prevent damage during transport to the Buyer.




  • The ordered goods will be sent to the Buyer within the time limit specified in the Order Confirmation. The Czech Postal Service will be the shipping company.
  • Orders sent from within the Czech Republic will have free shipping.
  • Orders sent from within the European Union will be charged the appropriate tariffs set by the Czech Postal Service (currently it is 250 CZK for shipments < 1kg, 390 CZK for shipments < 2kg).
  • Orders sent from other countries will also be charged valid tariffs set by the appropriate tariffs set by the Czech Postal Service (currently it is 330 CZK for shipments < 1 kg, 540 CZK for shipments <2 kg).
  • Exact shipping will be calculated and stated in the Order Confirmation.


complaints and returns

  • Our goods are thoroughly inspected before they are shipped. Buyer is obligated to inspect the shipment upon receipt to see if everything is in accordance with the order and that there is no damage or defect  to the goods.
  • Company BONUS must be notified of any inconsistencies or obvious defects within seven (7) days from the date of delivery of the goods. Claims made after this deadline will be considered invalid.
  • The claim for defective defects is subject to the statutory time limit of twenty four (24) months from the date of delivery of the goods. If the goods are defective, the Buyer must send the goods back with a copy of the invoice.
  • It is the Supplier’s responsibility to settle the claim within thirty (30) days.
  • Shipping is paid by the Buyer.
  • Entitlement to the claim may be void if
    1. the damage occurred during shipping
    2. the damaged was caused by inappropriate installation or handling
    3. the goods were used in unusual, inappropriate, or otherwise non-standard fashion
    4. the goods were damaged by natural disasters or other natural causes
  • Per the laws of the Czech Republic, the goods can be returned within 14 days from the date of delivery as long as the goods are unused, are in the original packaging, and sent by registered mail. Shipping is paid by the Buyer.


privacy policy

All information received from Buyer is considered confidential and is protected from misuse and unlawful dissemination. It is not provided to third parties.


Terms & Conditions